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Two Iterations of the Domain

In its first iteration, www.epicentrecreatives.com/ was created specifically for the Shirīn initiative.

If you have inadvertently ended up here while looking for information about the Shirīn initiative, please go to their current website at: http://shirin-international.org

In order to maintain independence and neutrality, s h i r ī n is funded by its own members, either individuals or institutions.
Archaeologists and professionals from related fields, students and teachers, institutional representatives and persons of good will, we need your support.
Please join the initiative to try together to help our Syrian friends to protect and preserve their cultural heritage.

SHIRĪN - Syrian Heritage in Danger: an international research initiative and network

Barbara Borghese on 15 Feb 2015 | www.iiconservation.org

SHIRĪN - Syrian Heritage in Danger: an international research initiative and network
Submitted by Barbara Borghese on 15 Feb 2015  | www.iiconservation.org

Shirīn is an initiative from the global community of scholars active in the field of archaeology, art and history of the Ancient Near East. It brings together a significant proportion of those international research groups that were working in Syria prior to 2010, with the purpose of making their expertise available to wider heritage protection efforts.

Accordingly, its International Committee includes the directors of a number of long-term international research programmes, and others who share their strong commitment to the effective protection of the heritage of Syria.
This S h i r ī n committee was created in response to a request by the participants at the 9th International Congress on the Archaeology of the Ancient Near East, in Basel, Switzerland, on June 10th, 2014. It seeks to represent the broad sweep of archaeological and historical research in Syria and is supported by the directors of research programmes active in neighbouring countries.
Representing the major institutions, universities and research centres in Europe, North America, Oceania, Eastern and Western Asia, the main purpose of s h i r ī n is to support governmental bodies and non-governmental organisations in their efforts to preserve and safeguard the heritage of Syria (sites, monuments & museums). It will take account of, and respond to, the needs of Syrian colleagues and authorities regardless of their political, religious or ethnic affiliation, in particular with respect to emergency steps and measures.
Composed of scholars who have, individually, a deep knowledge of the field, and collectively cover all regions of Syria, it will activate local networks in order to support, when possible, concrete actions to ensure the payment of the official site guardians and the protection of the excavation houses and storage depots. S h i r ī n — with the help of official and non-governmental bodies — will collect information on damage resulting from the current conflict and identify those cases in which emergency repairs or protective action may be required.
S h i r ī n will also collaborate on the creation of a comprehensive database of elements of Syrian heritage. This will provide a basic core of knowledge to which evidence of damage can be added on a case-by-case basis, and will allow the evaluation of the overall pattern and scale of damage resulting from the conflict, as it presents across different regions of Syria and the various classes of monument. It will thus propose a key source of information that can be made available to those involved in heritage protection at a local level, so that they have the necessary knowledge to prioritize heritage protection efforts in a systematic manner.
S h i r ī n also includes members with long and deep experience of architectural and artefacts restoration, and specialists in all the periods of the history and prehistory of Syria. By involving the international research community now, we intend that this capability will be fully formed and thus ready to support the local authorities and communities when the emphasis shifts from safeguarding and the documentation of damage, towards restoration and reconstruction.
Experience and expertise acquired by the members of the S h i r ī n Committee might as well be of some help in evaluating the provenience of illicitly excavated or purchased artefacts and artwork.


EpicentereCreatives, in its second iteration (2014 - 2015), was a consulting firm that offered marketing, seo and design services.

This site is no longer active. Content is for historical purposes only.
The content below is from the site's 2014 -2015 archived pages providing a glimpse of how one website, two different owners of the domain at different periods in time, offered two different visions for EpicentereCreatives.



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Marketing Services

Marketing Services
Let us plan your next online marketing campaign. We will optimize the campaigns to increase lead generation performance.



We design websites, user interfaces, apps, windows application interfaces, landing pages for marketing, logos and all the brand imags


Monetization Plans

Monetization Plans
Are you looking for new ways to generate money from your business? website or app? We can help you by creating a monetization plan with outside-the-box ideas and a complete how-to guide including the contacts of the people you need to talk to.


SEO Services

SEO Services
Do you want your business to get new customers every day? Nothing better than to be on google top search results for your business keywords. Let us help you grow you search engine rank and generate more revenue for your business



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because people make all the diference in the world


Luis Prata Senior Business and Marketing Analyst

Luis Prata is a seasoned entrepreneur. He has founded multiple tech and industrial companies and currently provides business coaching and consulting services to many start-ups, small and medium size enterprises.

Angela Oliveira

Angela Oliveira Marketing Specialist

Angela Oliveira has a bachelor of science in Sociology. She is specialized in the study of human behaviour towards advertisement. She is a creative thinker and one of the specialists working on marketing campaigns


Sara SilvaBusiness & Marketing Specialist

Sara has worked for many years in the management of large retail centers. She knows the best methods for increasing retail sales. With a bachelor in Business Administration and Computer Science, she works on business models, projects, go-to-market strategies and retail marketing strategy

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Andre LouzeiroEditor in Chief

Andre has a bachelor in Literature. He is our Editor in Chief. Responsible for all written content we do for our customers, from press releases, company introduction letters, projects and quality articles.


Web Design

Our Packages

Web Design is one of our main core businesses. Our team has more then 15 years experience in developing websites. We use the most advanced web technologies available to create you a custom and tailored solution for your business.

Don’t spend money in just a website, invest in a sales and marketing platform for your business, SEO Ready. (Search Engine Optimization)

Entry Level Solution / $450 / month

  • Layout design
  • Up to 5 sub-pages (Corporate Websites)
  • Contact Form with Google Maps integration
  • Latest technologies and design trends such as Parallax effects
  • Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools integration
  • Includes high-tech banner slider with 3 slides
  • Brings build-in Search Engine Optimization tools
  • Newsletter mailing
  • Customer Live Chat plugin
  • Website music background (optional)
  • Quote request forms and integration
  • Backoffice to manage your website content

Professional Solution / $800.00

  • Layout design
  • Up to 5 sub-pages (Corporate Websites)
  • Contact Form with Google Maps integration
  • Latest technologies and design trends such as Parallax effects
  • Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools integration
  • Includes high-tech banner slider with 3 slides
  • Brings build-in Search Engine Optimization tools
  • Newsletter mailing
  • Customer Live Chat plugin
  • Website music background (optional)
  • Quote request forms and integration
  • Backoffice to manage your website content
  • Anti-Malware protection
  • Anti-Virus protection
  • Backup system (manual or automatic)
  • Custom quotation forms
  • Automatic Updates
  • On-site SEO 
  • 1000 high quality backlink building to start your SEO efforts

Enterprise Solution $1500

  • Layout design
  • Up to 20 sub-pages
  • Contact Form with Google Maps integration
  • Latest technologies and design trends such as Parallax effects
  • Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools integration
  • Includes high-tech banner slider with 3 slides
  • Brings build-in Search Engine Optimization tools
  • Newsletter mailing
  • Customer Live Chat plugin
  • Website music background (optional)
  • Quote request forms and integration
  • Backoffice to manage your website content
  • Anti-Malware protection
  • Anti-Virus protection
  • Backup system (manual or automatic)
  • Custom quotation forms
  • Automatic Updates
  • On-site SEO 
  • 1000 high quality backlink building to start your SEO efforts
  • e-Commerce platform (unlimited products and customers)
  • Further platform customization
  • Tailored solution to your exact needs


Search Engine Optimization

SEO is an internet marketing strategy. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services are used to increase the amount of visitors to a website by obtaining high-ranking placements in the search results page of search engines.
What good is a terrific website if customers cannot find it? SEO services help to ensure that a site is accessible to a search engine and improves the chances that the site will be found and ranked highly by the search engine. SEO service has to offer a wide range of packages and options for search engine optimization.


Because search engines equate high-quality content with a high-quality website, creating content with value is very important. Lots of companies are jumping on the content bandwagon, so do it right: focus on quality over quantity, and on providing useful – not promotional – information.
Once you have a good mix of high-value content, including visual content, start promoting it on social channels. The more engagement you get, the more Google considers your content to be of high value, which in turn boosts your SEO rankings. Search engines look for natural links, so the more informative your content is, the more likely people will link to it naturally.


SEO may target different kinds of search, including image search, local search, video search, academic search, news search and industry-specific vertical search engines.
SEO considers how search engines work, what people search for, the actual search terms or keywords typed into search engines and which search engines are preferred by their targeted audience. Optimizing a website may involve editing its content, HTML and associated coding to both increase its relevance to specific keywords and to remove barriers to the indexing activities of search engines. Promoting a site to increase the number of backlinks, or inbound links, is another SEO tactic.
With SEO services your website can get top rankings on Google, Yahoo!, Bing and much more.


Basic $150/ month

  • Up to 100 business related Keywords
  • Limited to local businesses
  • Good to obtain new customers within a 100 miles radius
  • Google and Bing page 1 guaranteed
  •  Includes Keywords research
  • Includes link building
  • Includes SEO Articles
  • Payment terms of 3, 6 and 12 months

Advanced $250 / month

  • Up to 200 business related Keywords
  • Good to obtain new customers within a specific state
  • Google and Bing page 1 guaranteed
  •  Includes Keywords research
  • Includes link building
  • Includes SEO Articles
  • Includes Press Releases writting
  • Includes Press Releases distribution to media outlets
  • Payment terms of 3, 6 and 12 months

Professional $400 / month

  • Up to 500 business related Keywords
  • Good to obtain new customers nationwide
  • Google and Bing page 1 guaranteed
  • Includes Keywords research
  • Includes link building
  • Includes SEO Articles
  • Includes Press Releases writting and distribution to Media Outlets
  • Includes Videos SEO
  • And more
  • Payment terms of 3, 6 or 12 months


Sponsorship and Partnership Management


The goal is not only to increase brand awareness in selected areas, but also to add definition to the brand profile and increase brand equity. Experiencing the brand through sponsorships and partnerships enables internal and external colleagues, clients, agents and opinion leaders to gain a better understanding.

The core purpose of our sponsoring and partnership policy is to support individuals and organisations in activities relevant to our own area of expertise.

Our partnerships enable stakeholders to experience the Adecco way from a different perspective. We seek strategic links with institutions and events that can benefit from our expertise in developing and implementing solutions.

Our partnership initiatives are part of our mission to help individuals and organisations achieve better conditions.



Sponsorship provides a great means of broadening your competitive edge by improving your company’s image, prestige and credibility by supporting events that your target market finds attractive.

Previously, only large businesses could afford to sponsor cause marketing, for instance, as a way of boosting profits as well as establishing goodwill. However, now smaller companies are sponsoring everything. Most of these sponsorships help these companies to enhance their public profile relatively cheaply.

Experts in the field tout a broad spectrum of benefits that can be gained by sponsorship aside from enhancing visibility and image, such as differentiating the company from competitors, helping to develop closer and better relationships with customers, both existing and potential ones, showcasing services and products, and even getting rid of outdated inventory. These experts go on to say that when sponsorships are strategic and well-conceived, they can boost both short-term and long-term sales.


With income from exhibition and sponsorship representing a significant share of overall congress revenue, building strong relationships with sponsors and exhibitors is essential. We provide associations with the necessary expertise and dedicated resources to attract sponsors, analyse their needs and create tailored and value-driven sponsorship packages. Managing and nurturing these relationships helps associations build strong, mutually beneficial, long term partnerships.




Performance only. We work on a share revenue model. For each successful sponsorship acquisition,  Epicentre Creatives will receive 15% of the total value, including recurring payments, and you will receive the remaining 85%.

For small projects, we charge a one-time setup fee of  $300 plus 15% comission on each sucessful acquisition.

For partnerships, we negotiate on a case by case basis.



Lead Generation

What is Lead Generation?

Do you need to find new ways to reach buyers and get heard through the noise?  Then you should consider Lead Generation.

Lead Generation describes the marketing process of stimulating and capturing interest in a product or service for the purpose of developing sales pipeline. That is, you’ll have qualified potential buyers who will be showing some level of interest in purchasing your product or solution. In fact, Lead Generation has become an important strategy for modern marketers, as they strive to create demand and get their messages heard by increasingly sophisticated, multi-channel buyers.

Our Lead Generation Tactics:

  • Ad Planning and Media Acquisition
  • Linkedin Ads, Facebook Ads and Adwords by Google
  • Email Marketing B2B
  • SEO Services
  • Landing Pages Design and A/B Testing for results performance


Social Media Marketing

Linkedin Ads

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional social media network with over 300 million members across the world and offers an advertising solution called LinkedIn Ads. With LinkedIn Ads we will be able to create and place your ads on prominent pages on Linkedin.com website. With LinkedIn Ads you can select the target audience you want to reach.


Facebook Ads

Facebook is the most used social media networking website in the world with over 1 billion people. It is used to connect friends, family and business associates.

Facebook as an advertising solution named Facebook Ads. So, have you already thought about how many people you can reach through Facebook Ads? All you want!

With Facebook Ads, you can define your target audience based on: location, sex, age, interests, workplace, education and others.


Google Adwords PPC

Google is the largest and most popular web search engine in the world and it’s placed at the top of the Alexa Rank just ahead of Facebook and YouTube.

Adwords is an advertising solution developed by Google for creating online ad campaigns. The Adwords ads campaign includes display, mobile and video ads as well as simple text ads.

The best? To be seen by your customers at the precise moment their searching on Google for the things you have to offer. Adwords helps you to bring in new website visitors, grow online sales, get the phones ringing or keep customers coming back for more. You can also target your ads to the customers you want, whether locally or worldwide.


Advertisement Planning 

Advertising is the way you reach out to potential clients through media. Therefore, it is crucial for you or your company to have an Advertising Plan. An advertising plan is a written strategy for how you plan to advertise your business.

An Advertising Plan must bring answers to the following questions:

  • What do you want to accomplish?
  • How will you reach those goals?
  • How do you measure results and determine whether you have accomplished your objectives?

There are four major steps to be followed:

  • Identifying target audience
  • Defining the selling concept
  • Setting advertising goals
  • Developing a plan of execution

At Epicentre Creatives, we create personalized Advertising Plans, according to your goals, ensuring that you get the best results. We need to know the size of the project and marketing budget before providing you an accurate quotation for our service.




Do you need new clients? We can bring them to your website by getting you advertisement spaces in specific websites. Through online ads you can reach more of your target audience, educate potential prospects and also drive leads. You can select where you want the ads to be seen by choosing an online publication that you feel is a place where your leads spend time.

Your ads may also be displayed on search engines such as Google and Yahoo. These are Pay-per-Click Ads. They will show up as sponsored and they are a great way to draw attention to your latest content or service offerings. They are also highly targeted so they can generate very high quality leads.



Mobile Applications Development

In a world where consumers expect information instantly, wherever they are, business success requires that enterprises apply information technology to meet new needs and reach new customers.

Mobile Applications can help you become an effective IT-enabled business by engaging the right people, processes and technologies.

We have the experience, supporting applications worldwide. We use a balanced, global delivery model to drive down costs while reducing risk. We design applications for lower TCO over their lifetime. And we have a proven track record.

Mobile Applications provide the right answer to your application transformation needs, using the delivery method of your choice—from traditional outsourcing to the cloud. We help you meet market demands with flexible applications, managed effectively and designed to reduce costs. All of this to help organizations turn their applications into assets that improve business performance.

Mobility application development can not stand alone in the enterprise anymore. All of our mobile applications are backed with a complete ecosystem of mobility services that maintain, test, manage and secure the solution.

The need for mobile-ready websites and mobile applications continues to grow. More and more, consumers and business users are accessing websites via their phones and tablets. As such, traditional websites need to present positive experiences that are optimized for hand-held devices with smaller screens and other limitations.

Along with new challenges, mobile also presents marketers with new opportunities. At a trade show or industry conference, potential clients might access a presenter’s website to learn more about capabilities. Visitors to an unfamiliar city will find parking, restaurants and shopping integrated with maps via web searches. These mobile, location-specific and contextual marketing opportunities will continue to grow as mobile devices with robust capabilities become more prolific.



  • Mobile marketing plans and strategic consulting services
  • Mobile-optimized versions of websites, creating either “mobile first” or responsive design interfaces
  • Mobile web applications which provide powerful capabilities to hand-held devices through a browser
  • Native mobile applications for Android and iOS devices



  • HTML 5, CSS 3 and JavaScript
  • jQuery Mobile
  • PhoneGap
  • Sencha
  • Android development
  • iOS development
  • Web-based mobile development



Project Management

Project management is a complex undertaking, with many stages and processes. It should follow the full business lifecycle, from definition and justification of the project, through to delivering demonstrable benefits for the business.

As well as the project manager’s prime objective to deliver the results, there are many supporting disciplines and processes. These should ensure that the project will deliver a valuable result without surprises. The foremost need is to monitor the anticipated level of benefits and make adjustments to deliver optimum results. The leadership team should also actively identify and manage risks, issues, changed requirements, quality standards, plus a host of other side issues.

Not all these processes follow the traditional development lifecycle. In particular, it is wrong to consider the project has finished when the new system goes live. That way you will never know whether it delivered the planned benefits and you will probably not achieve them! Management attention must be retained to deliver the benefits and beyond. Some of the project management processes will migrate into continuing line management processes to be used throughout the life of the solution.

Few organisations get the most out of their programmes and projects. Intelligently adapting a company’s current approach to adopt the features of best-practice management approaches can lead to considerable benefits. It will ensure your objectives are realistic and will produce optimum benefit. It will seek to deliver the goals with no surprise. It will ensure everything is done to optimise the overall benefit to the organisation, despite changes to the business, changes in the economy and the inevitable snags along the way.

Each project should have a proper definition, for example: objectives, budget, performance measures, accountabilities and timescale. It should follow well-defined project management processes, designed to ensure it stays on track to deliver optimum benefit. To have any degree of confidence in the outcome of a project you need to put in place the right people with the right combination of skills. They should work with the best practice processes and tools to make sure the project is properly defined and run. This needs to be in place before the work starts.

We have the necessary experience to help you manage your platform, regardless of the type of platform you have. There are many complex platforms, but the most common used nowadays are based on HTML, PHP and JavaScript. Those are the ones we are qualified to assist you in, and help you business/organiation to grow by planning a successful management project and helping you to execute.


Logos and Branding


The role of designers has always been to translate and communicate the value of a business idea to consumers. The best designers can do far more—they can help companies connect and establish a dialogue with consumers, thus enabling firms to innovate more efficiently. The challenge for most corporations today is about how to innovate while mitigating risk. For consumers, choices are made by balancing the need for evolution with the force of habit. Designers are trained to understand how people think and how to make things.

Great designers, like visionary business leaders, create value by exploring without limitation through the psyche and psychology of consumers. They assemble teams of individuals who see the world through different eyes and explore what should be as opposed to what is. They show discipline in doing more with less. By combining forces, we can create new business opportunities and the pathways to manifest consumer needs, emotions, and aspirations. By so doing, we generate revenue and sustainable growth for business.


Some of the most important characteristics of design and branding:


Uniqueness: Stand out in the marketplace and be instantly recognizable by your audience. Staying away from generic, overused visuals or icons is a great way to do this. While your logo/brand should convey what makes your business unique, it doesn’t necessarily have to illustrate the product or service you provide.

Flexibility: A strong logo/brand should translate well across a variety of different media. A logo/brand design that looks fantastic on a website should also impress potential clients that receive your business card or see your logo on a large billboard. This means that your logo/brand should be optimized for every channel on which it could be presented so that you can avoid blurry images or other sizing problems.

Illustrative: Even though your design doesn’t have to directly show to your products or services, it should reflect something about your company’s values or culture. Ideally your company’s culture resonates with the thoughts or beliefs of your target audience. Understanding and defining your target audience will go a long way towards being able to craft an effective and appropriate logo/brand that resonates with your audience and helps add legitimacy to your business.

Informative: While a well-designed company does not have to reflect exactly what your company does, it should be an educational experience for your audience. Looking at your logo should help audiences to understand what your brand is about either by conveying what you do, what your company culture is like, or by making it clear what your company does for your consumers.

Lasting: The best logo/brand designs will last your business for years to come and will retain an identity even if the logo/brand is eventually modernized.


Exclusive Logo design, vectorized, with use manual: $500 ( up to 10 concepts) 

Exclusive Logo design, vectorized, with use manual: $300 ( up to 3 concepts)

Exclusive Logo design, vectorized, (with no manual): $250 ( up to 3 concepts)

Simple logo design (For web use only – up to 500×500 px resolution): $50 ( up to 2 concepts )